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Shane's down 60lbs!

"Made a bunch of progress and still a work in progress…. Thank you to Chad Hackman Evolution Barbell LLC for the opportunity to make this change in my life possible. And thank you to my wife for her support, and tolerance during my trips to the gym. And to my friends and family for your continued encouragement and congratulations along the way. I feel more strength, energy, and an improvement overall that's hard to describe." - Shane

Mary's down 25lbs!

Mary's down 25lbs of body fat and has increased both her lean muscle tissue and her strength!

"The biggest contributing factor has been putting in the consistent work and the support from the EVB community. Even when the progress was slow, the team encouraged me to continue and focused on the positive changes that I had made. My advice to anyone looking to get started would be to make the decision to start. Then your next step is to consciously incorporate health and fitness into your life, with focus on both nutrition and exercise. Become accountable to yourself and don't be afraid to try something new and different!" - Mary


Dave is down over 100lbs!!

"For me, the biggest benefit has been the atmosphere and diversity of Evolution Barbell’s staff and members no matter the need or desires for the individual. For all levels of fitness and goal aspirations, Evolution Barbell has had the tools to meet and achieve them. I came into this facility 2 years ago at 344lbs with the idea that I wanted to be at 326 lbs. I shared my idea with staff and found the fit I needed to achive my goals, ultimately dropping to 225 lbs in my 1st 15 months. Can't thank the staff or my trainer enough. In the end, he was the perfect fit to push me and keep the train on the tracks!!" - Dave

Nikki is down over 30lbs!!

We asked Nikki what advice she would give to her week 1 self. She said, "Stick with the training. You’re going to have good days and bad. The results are worth the effort. Not gonna lie, it will hurt, but mentally, emotionally & physically, it will be good. Trust yourself, you are the only one that can hold you back. Be proud of what you have accomplished & will continue to accomplish.

The EVB Team will ALWAYS support you, through the ups and downs, the tears, and laughs. The roller coaster is always fun and they’ll love the ride right along with you.

We got this!!!" - Nikki

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Tom is down over 60lbs!!

When we asked Tom what the biggest contributor to his progress from the photo on the left to the photo on the right, he said, "The supportive environment of the entire EVB team. Everyone encourages you and offers advice no matter where you are on your journey."
We also asked Tom what his advice would be for someone who’s just starting out on their health and fitness journey. He said, "The best way to start is to enter this journey with the mindset that this will be a lifestyle change. This is not a quick fix or a change for a short term goal. You need to make one change at a time and build on that as you become more fit. Stay consistent and continue to raise the bar as you reach each of your goals. I saw this today.. the first step... just show up!" - Tom

Not all progress is measured on the scale!!

Check out John's progress!
- Cholesterol dropped 40 points
- Triglycerides dropped 30 points
- A1C dropped .3 points

All super important factors for improving overall health!

John did this by implementing a consistent workout routine as well as making nutritional changes where he decreased the amount of sugars and fast digesting carbohydrates he was consuming.


Here's what he said has made the biggest different for him over the last six weeks and what advice he has for those who are considering starting the process of improving their own health and fitness.
"I would say that consistency and accountability would be the two biggest things that made an impact over the last six weeks. My tip to those who are looking to start their own health and fitness journey would be to incorporate health and fitness into your daily routine just like we do everything else in life. It's our routine to get up and go to work to make a living, our routine to eat lunch everyday, go grocery shopping each week and watch a Netflix show each night etc. etc. Health and fitness shouldn't be any different. If you simply incorporate it into a routine, it's easier to maintain consistency and accountability. Needless to say, the benefits mentally and physically are obviously fantastic." - Mike

Mike lost 20lbs and 6% body fat in 6 weeks!!

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It's time to EVOLVE.
Are you ready?

If you'd like to get started or if you have any questions, click the "Get Started" button below and we will help any way that we can!

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