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Evolution Barbell is a fitness training facility that's main focus is to help others live the lives they're proud of. We've created services to help you with weight loss but they will also help to increase your strength, mobility, and most importantly, your confidence and the way you feel! We strive to help you feel your best and ultimately to become your best. We understand that fitness isn't easy especially when you're just starting out due to the large amount of information available online and in magazines. That being said, by taking part in the services that we offer, we know that we can help to clear up that confusion so that you know exactly what you need to do to see the progress you want to see.

This gym wasn't built to simply offer you a place to exercise, you have plenty of that. Instead, our focus is to help you succeed with your goals through proper education and training so that you can make this new journey a lifestyle. Evolution Barbell stands for always moving forward and for never being satisfied with where you are in life. We strongly believe that by improving your health and fitness, you can improve in every other aspect of your life.
It's time to EVOLVE. Are you ready?

What is Evolution Barbell?

Why Evolution Barbell
was created


Going through my own fitness journey, I realized that a lot of the fitness centers around simply provided people with a place to workout. For someone who knows what they are doing in the gym, that’s great! But for the person that isn’t quite sure how to exercise properly for their goals and what they should be doing, the standard public gym setting can be a little intimidating and unfulfilling. This is why we decided to create a place that’s a little different. A place where you won’t only find gym equipment, but you’ll also find the solutions to the struggles that you face. You’ll be able to choose from services to help you in all areas of your health and fitness journey and you’ll be supported by the rest of the team along the way. We wanted to develop a facility that is built on progress, community, and support, and I believe we’re doing just that!”

- Chad Hackman Owner and Founder of Evolution Barbell.

Image by Mohamed Fareed
Our Mission

To improve the lives of our clients and members so that they can be more successful in all that
they do. We aren’t just a fitness facility. We are a solution to an overall better quality of life for
those who put their trust in us. Therefore everything that we do must stem from that mission:
the workouts that we build, how we communicate to those around us, the services that we
provide, and the community and friendships built along the way. Remember, the more lives that
we positively impact, the bigger impact we have as a whole. All eventually leading to a
stronger, healthier, and more successful community.

The EVB Mindset:

A mentality that all of us here at Evolution Barbell share is that we’re not willing to stay the same as we were yesterday. We’re driven by the mindset that demands progress in some form and we are willing to do whatever we have to do to make that progress happen. That’s what we all have in common at EVB. We’re all chasing the same goal of self-improvement in some form or another. We also understand that to reach our full potential, we must always be working with the constantly evolving mentality of never being satisfied with where we are today but instead, always being driven for progress.
Evolution Barbell (EVB) focuses on improving the lives of our clients and members by providing customized, high level services, as well as a community of like-minded individuals that built on two main points:

1) Becoming the best possible versions of themselves while

2) helping everyone around them to do the exact same thing. It's a pretty awesome group to be a part of if we do say so ourselves!

It's time to EVOLVE.
Are you ready?

If you'd like to get started or if you have any questions, click the "Get Started" button below and we will help any way that we can!

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